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CMSIS-DAP programming with Keil - IROM1 and IRAM1 addressing

Hello, I want to flash SoftDevice and my programs using CMSIS-DAP on Keil. I found this guide here https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/blogs/11/using-nrf51-sdk-with-the-nrf51822-mbed-kit/ but since it's for a slightly different board I'd like to verify that my IROM1 and IRAM1 settings are correct (even though they match the information provided in the datasheet)

Target settings:


I'd rather make sure, bricking the board is the last thing I'd want to happen.

Also, I've found some information that people have had problems flashing SoftDevice and programs separately, i.e. flashing a program would erase SoftDevice. In regards to that what would I have to do in order to do a single-bank flash?

Thank you

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The Tiny BLE is a Bluetooth Low Energy development board designed with low energy consumption and small size in mind. Features include BLE, CMSIS DAP, current measuring and motion detection.

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We don't use the ROM/RAM memory areas in the target tab, instead, we use a scatter file specified at the linker tab's Scatter File TextEdit.

We need to flash softdevice and programs separately. When we put a program hex file generated by the mbed online compiler into the Tiny BLE, we just flashed the softdevice. Then we can use the keil to update the program. The keil won't erase the softdevice.

Do not hesitate to try. It's not easy to brick the board.

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