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How do I build CMSIS-DAP interface firmware source code with GCC ARM Embedded Toolchain?

I'm planning to build a CMSIS-DAP interface board for flashing & debugging my target boards. I haven't started anything, but I might choose LPC11U35 as the CMSIS-DAP chipset.

I have two questions regarding how to do it:

1. How do I build CMSIS-DAP interface firmware source code with GCC ARM Embedded Toolchain?

2. And assuming that I made the LPC11U35 interface board, but how do I flash the final production image to LPCU1135?

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the sources can't be compiled anything but ARMCC, licenses and the code (specific pragmas for example) require that.

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Thanks Martin, could you pointed out where the licenses specifies such striction please?

Besides using mbed CMSIS-DAP implementation, is there any alternative approach?

posted by John Dave 23 Apr 2015

Yunfeng, if the overall size less than 32, MDK can be used.

posted by steeven lee 05 May 2015

Maybe we can add an option for GCC compiler.

posted by Shupeng Ren 03 Jun 2015

With some digging of the CMSIS-DAP source codes and specs, It seems to be doable by porting CMSIS-DAP interface (NOT mbed interface) to GCC/Linux with some modifications. I'm currently rewriting part of the codes to get rid of Keil, hw is based on LPC11U35, and codes are being rewritten and modified. I'll post everything once everything has been completed.

posted by John Dave 21 Jun 2015

I have successfully ported CMSIS-DAP (not mbed interface) to GNU gcc arm and simple makefiles, everything works perfect, I tested it by debugging itself and a nRF51822 board. I will continue posting more details including hardware and source codes on hack-a-day 2015 Prize contest:


posted by John Dave 01 Jul 2015

Great, keep us updated ;)

posted by Martin Kojtal 02 Jul 2015

Project update: I have some updates on Hackaday, source codes, schematics and instructions are published. Project github: https://github.com/Armstart-com/IBDAP-CMSIS-DAP

posted by John Dave 06 Jul 2015