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Setting up

Can you explain the difference between RateKp and Angle Kp in your code?

I have a lot of difficulties to stabilize my quadcopter.

Do you have an example, how you did set up the pid?


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a Nested PID control loop used for multirotor control.
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4 years, 3 months ago.

Hello Dominik,

sorry for the late response, i haven't been active here for a while.

regarding your question Angle Kp is the constant for translating the angle into rate (deg/s). Rate Kp is the proportional constant for the outer PID loop.

To help you understand this, this is a nested pid loop with the inner part depending on the angle output from the IMU and the outer part is depending on the rotation speed (deg/s). the setpoint of the outer PID is the output of the inner P = (angleError*angleKp).

i got this PID from diydrones blog but i can't locate the link unfortunately.

you could also look at my AQuad code. i got my quad to a stable state here is the video :