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some one can help me EM4325


I just start working with the EM432, now I want to use PIC or Arduino (AVR). But in this forum nobody uses these microcontrollers can someone help me with some tutotial, or code example where work with em4325.

what I intend to analyze the code and translate it to be functional with any of my microcontrollers,

my idea is to enable or disable remote devices, each device execute different tasks

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Dear Roberto,

The good starting point for EM4325 is to describe what you target. This cheap could be manage as different ways : - As a temperature dataloguer, - As a RFID UHF technology EPC Gen 2 - As a memory with EEPROM

As I remember, the first step is to manage the option of your cheap in the memory. As soon as this configuration is performed, it is easy to query the cheap in order to transmit information inside.

The communication from your mC is performed using SPI protocol. You can choose any mC. I have started with Mbed But due to question of power management. I have change and re-developed all for Arduino and TI MSP 430. I have find a lot of difficulties to manage PIC communication with this card to question of buffer issues… and may limited knowledge from my side ;).

My MSP 430 focused on read a EM4325 (in UHF) and integrate these data in a HF card (to be read with any android device).

What are you targeting to do (you can share this information in private message if it is not totally public…



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Hi Roberto,

This forum is predicated on using ARM mbed micocontrollers. Currently on our Platform page https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/

We have over 100 micro controller platforms that could easily cater for you desired interface with the EM4325. Libraries for said component can be found: https://developer.mbed.org/users/gege089/notebook/temperature-dataloger-with-em4325-component-/

If you need anything else, or any recommendations please let me know.


Andrea, team mbed