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Blinking LED with 2 inputs

Hello, I am new to microcontroller and c++ coding :) I am trying to write a code that does the following: 1. For every digital input pulse, the LED keeps switching ON/OFF (blinking loop). 2. Another input button which switch the LED ON or Off (here is no looping).

For this I made a state diagrams and some code for mbed LPC-1768 micorcontroller but can't check online as it doesn't have simlator. I would appreciate a lot if you would check this out :)


#include "mbed.h"

DigitalOut myled(LED1);
DigitalIn input(p17);
// p17 is pin17 where the pulse generator is connected //

int states;
bool button;

    int main(){
        while (button ==1){
                case 0:
                    input == 1;
                    myled = 1;
                case 1:
                    input == 0;
                    myled = 0;                     


I have not added much about when the button is OFF as the while loop breaks (button ==0) and program terminates with LED off (not sure leaving that is ok tho). I would love any criticism or advice on my coding thought process and implementation of idea->code. (for eg im not sure about my usage of switch command...any other stuffs like if-else might have been better i think.

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