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Why not use Espruino?

Thanks for js support on mbed. Just out of curiosity, why not use Espruino (www.espruino.com) for mbed's js functionality?

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There was already a port of mbed OS 3 for JerryScript, so it was easier to extend that work for an mbed OS 5 port. We see this as a reference implementation on how to implement a dynamic language VM on top of mbed OS. We fully back anyone who wants to port Espruino or any other VM (in any language) on top of mbed OS.

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Thanks for the explanation

posted by d 0773d 14 Sep 2016

That sounds like a challenge! :) Perhaps I will make a sample using my own little language Spry (sprylang.org). I also wondered how Jerry was chosen, since I perhaps also felt Espruino was stronger "community wise" and perhaps also more mature. Having said that.... Jerryscript seems to be moving forward.

Peeking at the pulse on github it seems Espruino have had more commits last month (but mainly from one core developer) while Jerry has a wider spread of authors.

Either way - we at Evothings are very interested in all this (in fact, we were thinking of porting Espruino to mbed OS ourselves but... no need now! Go Jerry!) and will immediately start looking at how we can "tether" the embedded side just like we do with the mobile app side. Thus enabling live coding on both ends at the same time.

regards, Göran

posted by Göran Krampe 16 Sep 2016