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How can an mbed-os 5.1 program be directly exported from the on-line compiler to an off-line IDE?

So I am looking for a similar facility as for exporting mbed 2.0 programs (which requires replacing the mbed compiled library with source, i.e. mbed-dev) If this can't be done (without going through mbed-cli) then will it be available and if so when? Thanks.

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3 years, 7 months ago.

Yes you can but it's a few more steps.

1) You need to have a github account. Sign in to this.

2) Go to this github where the source is https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os

3) Click on "fork". This will fork the source which you now can import into the online IDE

4) Go back to your project on mbed and import library from URL. Enter the full http path to your forked version

5) Make sure any "mbed-os" compiled libs that exist in your project are deleted. Your new forked source will replace it.

6) Compile and make sure it builds

7) Export zip file source

8) Done

Accepted Answer

Brilliant thanks Bill. Tested using mbed-os 5.1 blinky example. After deleting the compiled library and importing the forked mbed-os source, this compiled ok. Then I exported the program to SW4STM32 and imported the resulting zip file into a new SW4STM32 project. The only other requirement to get it to compile off-line was to include# "rtos.h" in main.cpp. Not sure why this isn't also needed for a successful on-line compilation. Best wishes, Ron.

posted by Ron Segal 11 Sep 2016