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export import problem

When I export a working BBC micro:bit project as a "ZIP archive (with repositories)" and then immediately import it again without doing anything to it, and then compile it, I get a compiler 0 error:

Error: "/extras/mbed_165afa46840b/TARGET_NRF51_MICROBIT/TOOLCHAIN_ARM_STD/nRF51822.sct", line 17 (column 9): Error: L6235E: More than one section matches selector - cannot all be FIRST/LAST.

Any reason for that? How to fix this?

Thanks, Clemens

I have similar issues uploading an archived ZIP file for an nRF51. The "uploading" popup lasts forever (hours) and the file never gets uploaded once you give up restart the compiler page.


posted by Kevin Braun 06 Sep 2016

Hi Clemens,

Sorry for the issues you are having, i'm going to look into this for you and get back to you ASAP!


Andrea, team mbed

posted by Andrea Corrado 07 Sep 2016
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