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Changing DFU Service

Hi All, I'm using a nRF51822 based device, and building using nRF51-DK platform. I would like to add some security to my DFU service and have modified ble/service/DFUService.h to provide some additional security, and explicity included the service by including

#include "DFUService.h"

DFUService dfu(ble);

however when I build using the BOOT configuration, the modifications don't get applied. It must use some other default code.

I need both a bootloader version for first time loading into device, and a FOTA version for subsequent FOTA updates. How do I;

1. build a bootloader version, forcing it to use my custom DFU service, and 2. build a FOTA version, again using my dfu service

Regards Andrew

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