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BLE on Hexiwear

Hello, I have a few question concerning the BLE function on the Hexiwear.

  • Is there a mbed API or library for using the KW40z BLE SoC on the Hexiwear?
  • Is the BLE SoC's transmission being sent to a serial port or somewhere else?
  • Can you use a programming language like Java to determine the BLE RSSI from the Hexiwear? If not, can the Hexiwear determine its own RSSI with the paired device?
  • Can the BLE send its data over the UART to a serial port?

Thank you in advance for helping me!

The example: https://developer.mbed.org/teams/Hexiwear/code/Hexi_BLE_Example/

works with the hexiwear app on my iPhone, however, the device no longer shows up on the paired devices list in the phone's settings. I'm guessing that there is something missing in the example with regards to pairing.


posted by R. Scott Coppersmith 22 Sep 2016

2 Answers

5 years, 11 months ago.

There's no API for the KW40Z currently from mbed so BLE and touch buttons are not usable.

5 years, 11 months ago.

I am curious. What specifically are you looking to do with BLE?

Hello, I plan to connect the Hexiwear to a computer via Bluetooth and send bits through a serial-port. On the computer there will be a program set up to read the bits coming in on the serial-port. The setup is similar to using a HC-05 Bluetooth module on an Arduino to communicate with a computer.

posted by Microbob µ 03 Sep 2016