3 years, 5 months ago.

serviceDiscoveryCallback not detecting long UUID

I have been trying to access to a certain service from the client side that I could see and write to using the phone app nRF connect, but somehow with another nRF chip I can only see 2 services;

void serviceDiscoveryCallback(const DiscoveredService *service) { printf("or long \r\n"); printf("Service UUID-"); const uint8_t *longUUIDBytes = service->getUUID().getBaseUUID(); for (unsigned i = 0; i < 128; i++) { printf("%02x", longUUIDBytes[i]); } printf(" attrs[%u %u]\r\n", service->getStartHandle(), service->getEndHandle()); }

and then : ble.gattClient().launchServiceDiscovery( params->handle, serviceDiscoveryCallback, characteristicDiscoveryCallback ); Any ideas about what is the problem ?

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