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Complie error: L6218E (lp_ticker)

Hi guys,


I've compiled my writing code, and there're some errors, but not within my code. It's about some undefined symbol lp_ticker_clear_interrupt, lp_ticker_disable_interrupt etc etc. I opened up the error help and saw the description, then went back to lp_ticker_api.h file, and could not find out anything wrong. Why are there so many undefined symbols relevant to lp_ticker?

Thank you, Daniel L

Please provide more details. you are using mbed-dev. What's your target? The revision of mbed-dev?

posted by Martin Kojtal 22 Aug 2016


Thanks for the question.

Could you please share your code so we can see what is wrong.

Best Regards,

Andrea, team mbed

posted by Andrea Corrado 22 Aug 2016

Hi Andrea and Martin,

Thanks both of you for the reply. I think I have the latest mbed-dev library as advised by Andrea. Can't find the version, but do see it's created 23 Feb 2016.

Regarding the error, I actually fixed it by looking at a similar error in this forum. There's a thread "Error: Undefined symbol lp_ticker_clear_interrupt" in the forum. I followed the thread instruction and add the code " #if DEVICE_LOWPOWERTIMER_DISABLED_HERE ", replacing " #if DEVICE_LOWPOWERTIMER " in the "lp_ticker_api.c" file.

In terms of sharing code, which part of the code would you be interested in. my code is a bit messy. I have complied my code, and now passing the compiling success. But just wondering if I have done the fixes correctly? Thank you.

Kind regards, Daniel Liu

posted by Daniel Liu 22 Aug 2016
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