4 years, 11 months ago.

TCPServer vs TCPSocketServer?

I'm using mbed-os 5 and noticed there are two sets of classes that appear to do the same thing; TCPServer / TCPSocketServer and TCPSocket / TCPSocketConnection. What is the difference between these? More to the point, which should I use for my application? I can find nothing in the documentation with guidance on this.

On a related note, I find I am spending a lot of time determining if some API or project is applicable to version 5, etc. I also don't have the confidence I used to with the platform because many things appear sketchy, either in the way they are documented (why does the documentation show me the header rather than the Doxigen docs), not documented at all (thanks to open source for getting some things to work at all) or the examples don't compile/work as presented. I really hope the mbed team takes the time to cleanup the web site (so it doesn't look like a random assortment of API's and projects, all of a different version). (Guy's, its ok to delete a page or two, really...)


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