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In mbed librairie there is CAN for st board from a month. I use the F303K8 board. But when i send a remote message with the public fonction: "CANMessage (int _id, CANFormat _format=CANStandard) Creates CAN remote message". It doesn't work because it send data message with data format and not remote format. The length and the data is the data of the message send before.

hello , could you solve that problem ? ı have same problem .

posted by ibrahim SATOGLU 10 Dec 2016

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As-tu trouvé une solution ? J'ai trouvé le bug dans la bibliothèque MBED mais je ne sais pas comment leur demander de mettre à jour. Il faut modifier le fichier can_api.c lignes 266 à 270 : if (!(msg.format)) { can->sTxMailBox[transmitmailbox].TIR |= ((msg.id << 21) | (msg.type<<1)); } else { can->sTxMailBox[transmitmailbox].TIR |= ((msg.id << 3) | CAN_ID_EXT | (msg.type<<1)); }