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driving sharp memory lcd LS013B7DH03 on a tiny gecko

hello i have a tiny gecko and a LS013B7DH03 sharp memory lcd and i want to drive the lcd (simple text or a timestamp for starters). 1) i saw that there is an example

Import libraryMemoryLCD

Display driver for Sharp's range of SPI-driven memory LCD's, leveraging the power of asynchronous transfers. Currently supports LS013B7DH03, but easily extendable to other models as well.

but in the online compiler i cant add/select a tiny gecko. 2) in addition, what do i need to change in the example in order to make it work on my TG.

i imported the library to the online compiler and created a "main.cpp" and copied and pasted the example program that is provided in that page. i think that although the online compiler compiled successfuly and created the bin, it wont work cause i read that the TG and ZG etc are binary incompatible please advise . tnx roi

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6 years, 5 months ago.

I think you're out of luck, as I cannot find any hints for running mbed on top of Tiny Gecko. You could try Leopard Gecko or Giant Gecko targets as they also have Cortex M3 and same pinout, but I wouldn't count on that working...

but i read that all of them are code compatible (TG and ZG and GG etc)

posted by roi novitarger 11 Aug 2016