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Export to IAR toolchain using project.py failing.

Hi, I added a new target the the sdk. I am able to compile the library and also the test MBED_A1 etc with IAR toolchain. However, i cant export the project to IAR ide. It fails with error:


  • M2S090::iar Sorry, the target M2S090 is not currently supported on the iar toolchain.

I added the below target definition to targets.json. The template file .ewp.tmpl is also in place.

"M2S090": { "inherits": ["Target"], "core": "Cortex-M3", "extra_labels": ["MSCC", "M2SXXX", "M2S090"], "supported_toolchains": ["ARM", "GCC_ARM", "IAR"], "default_toolchain": "ARM", "progen": { "target": "mscc-m2s090", "iar": { "template": ["iar_m2s090.ewp.tmpl"] } }, "device_has": ["SERIAL"], "release": true },

I believe that the progen definition is sufficient for the exporter to export the project. Is there any script I need to edit? is there anything else i need to do for it to work?

I saw that i needed to add target name in the gccarm.py with 2.0 version for the export to work. with the latest version of mbed, is there anything specific we need in json definition to do to get the export to work?

Kindly let me know.

Thank you.

Regards, Nitin

Would appreciate any help on this please.

Thank you.

Regards, Nitin

posted by Nitin Deshpande 11 Aug 2016
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