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What is mbed Studio?

It's mentioned in the docs and there is a link to this page but it is 404:


Is this a yet-to-be-released desktop IDE for mbed? That would be awesome! Unless it is based on Eclipse. I *think* you guys are sane enough to avoid Eclipse.

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Never mind, found the answer here: mbed Studio is an mbed Enabled IDE based on Cloud9 and offers a rich development environment. It is currently in alpha and should be considered experimental. It can be tried by selecting ‘mbed Studio’ from the ‘Import Program’ dropdown on our code samples.

posted by Tim H 08 Aug 2016


posted by Jan Jongboom 08 Aug 2016

There is gonna be a freaking Ide? omg!

posted by Vladimir Akopyan 19 Aug 2016

A web-based IDE (yes; another one). Not a real desktop IDE.

posted by Tim H 19 Aug 2016
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