4 years, 6 months ago.

Mbed online compiler with STM32F3DISCOVERY Evaluation Kit for the STM32F303VCT6 MCU?

Can i use the Mbed compiler with the STM32F3DISCOVERY Eval kit?

The link to the board i got is the following, http://uk.farnell.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=15001&langId=44&urlRequestType=Base&partNumber=2215108&storeId=10151.

I tried to add the platform from the compiler but could not find it as an option.

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4 years, 6 months ago.

Hi Narwhil,

You are able to use the STM32F303VCT6 with the compiler, however you need to select the platform as close as possible as it is not a fully supported mbed board.

1. Instead Choose platform "NUCLEO-F302R8"

2. You will need to change some port defines as it is not the same board.

For more info refer to this post:


Let me know how you get on!