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PwmOut and AnalogIn not defined when selecting FOTA or BOOT builds

I'm using an NRF51-DK to program a Taiyo Yuden EYSGJNZWY module, which uses the nRF51882 chipset.

I'm using the online mbed build platform and when I select "Nordic NRF51-DK" and "Default" as the build options, my code works as expected.

However, when I select either "App with Bootloader" or "App for FOTA", I am getting build errors. Specifically:

  • Error: Identifier "PwmOut" is undefined in "main.cpp"
  • Error: Identifier "AnalogIn" is undefined in "main.cpp"

No other changes to the code are made. Only the target build is changed from "Default" to "BOOT" / "FOTA".

Can someone confirm that PwmOut and AnalogIn functions are still supported when building for FOTA?



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7 years, 11 months ago.

I've got the same problem on with a Seeed Tiny BLE board. It seems to have started with release 122 of the mbed library. Earlier releases work.

Sorry that's not an answer of course. It should be a comment to your question.

posted by S Classen 12 Aug 2016

There appears to be an issue with the official mBed library. When I remove this library and import "mbed-dev" instead, I can build it correctly and everything works as required, including the ability to do FOTA. Hope this helps.


posted by Stephan Edelman 14 Aug 2016