6 years, 7 months ago.

OS5 Blink example don't compiles with Keil 5

I exported the OS5 Blink example to Keil 5 but I'm facing a problem, Keil can't find the files "mbed.h" and "rtos.h". Can you give me an idea about what's is going on? I searched those files in the project folders but I don't found them.



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6 years, 7 months ago.

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for reporting this. Currently there is a known issue with the Online IDE exporters and mbed OS 5. As a quick workaround perhaps you could try mbed CLI which would import the mbed OS example and also export to Keil and other exporters. Start up guide for mbed CLI can be found here https://docs.mbed.com/docs/mbed-os-handbook/en/5.1/getting_started/blinky_cli/

Additionally with mbed CLI you could run 'mbed deploy' in the unzipped folder of your export, which will download the missing libraries.

Again, thanks for the regression report and apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused.


Hi Mihail,

Thanks for your reply, I will follow your suggestion to use mbed CLI.



posted by Samuel Ramirez 06 Aug 2016