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mBed vs Particle.io?

Would you recommend developing with particle or mBed?

I would like to start working an IoT project. I want to be able to scale my design from prototyping to production as easily as possible.

My project is quite simple, here is my BOM:

  • BLE
  • Proximity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Couple of LEDs
  • 2 buttons

I saw that mBed supports much more platforms while particle.io uses their own board which is a bit too expensive.

Reference: http://www.particle.io

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4 years, 3 months ago.


mbed is fully featured to meet your requirements, you are certainly spoilt for choice in terms of documentation and availability of sensors with relevant API for your project on the mbed site.

For example looking at sensors: https://developer.mbed.org/components/

And BLE: https://developer.mbed.org/teams/Bluetooth-Low-Energy/

You are reducing your time to production significantly with tools already available to you.

The forum is a great place to start to look for advice on all of your BOM, mbed is very much catered from bringing an idea through prototyping to production and you can be guided easily through the whole process.

A final note, It could not be a better time to start as we have just released mbed OS (https://docs.mbed.com), mbed OS is a platform operating system specifically designed for the internet of things.

Let me know if you need anything else.