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Problem with cmsis_nvic.c


I hope someone answer me this time, I asked before about "if I could enabling systick for OS as OS-clock" because the problem was that software jumps to "Hard Fault Handler" . So I tried to enable General Purpose timer instead, The problem still persist. So I followed the code by debugger and here's what I found:

(I am porting mbed to Tiva C TM4C123 launchpad, my compiler is GCC, I am using CDT for building, And GDB openOCD for debugging, and integrated all those tools on Eclipse)

it jumps to hard fault handler handler at line

vectors[i] = old_vectors[i];

here's code which I use

#include "cmsis_nvic.h"

#define NVIC_RAM_VECTOR_ADDRESS (0x02000000)  // Vectors positioned at start of RAM
#define NVIC_FLASH_VECTOR_ADDRESS (0x0)       // Initial vector position in flash

void NVIC_SetVector(IRQn_Type IRQn, uint32_t vector) {
    uint32_t *vectors = (uint32_t*)SCB->VTOR;
    uint32_t i;

    // Copy and switch to dynamic vectors if the first time called
        uint32_t *old_vectors = vectors;
        vectors = (uint32_t*)NVIC_RAM_VECTOR_ADDRESS;
        for (i=0; i<NVIC_NUM_VECTORS; i++) {
            vectors[i] = old_vectors[i];
        SCB->VTOR = (uint32_t)NVIC_RAM_VECTOR_ADDRESS;
    vectors[IRQn + 16] = vector;

uint32_t NVIC_GetVector(IRQn_Type IRQn) {
    uint32_t *vectors = (uint32_t*)SCB->VTOR;
    return vectors[IRQn + 16];

I have configures cmsis_nvic.h to

#define NVIC_NUM_VECTORS      (10 + 66)   // CORE + MCU Peripherals

Can anyone please let me know what is going wrong here? or at least where should I debug or read ???

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In general: Either step through it with a debugger, or otherwise disable stuff until it does not crash anymore.

Specifically here, from the reference manual I get:


The internal SRAM of the TM4C123GH6PM device is located at address 0x2000.0000 of the device memory map.

That is not what you have set the start of your SRAM to.

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posted by Mohamed Saleh 29 Jul 2016