3 years, 10 months ago.

Lots of stuff doesn't work with the online compiler...

Really, this may just be me being dumb/tired but I'm pretty sure a whole crap ton of stuff has just been broken in mbed-classic with some compiler update that we aren't able to see...

Could any in-the-know mbed dev confirm or deny this as I'm just going round in circles now... I'll have to switch fully to Keil I guess...

To be a bit more specific. I now get really unusual errors like like "can't find I2C.h" when using the BOOT-option for compilation.

When I compile my app using the default output it no just crashes on the board (yesterday the same code was fine!)

It's really quite problematic when secret changes seem to happen and just break things without warning...

posted by CJ Shaw 28 Jul 2016

Hi Chris, Could you please help us reproduce the issue you're having. E.g. can you point me at a program example that doesn't compile anymore?

posted by -deleted- 28 Jul 2016

Hey Mihail. Sorry for the above comments sent a bit "in-anger" at the compiler.

Some specific things causing me problems at the moment: Start with a normal BLE examples, e.g. the heartrate example. Include the I2C.h library and it won't build for the nRF51-DK platform if you choose BOOT output option (this is platform I'm using right now). Using the other nRF51822 targets work OK and the nRF51-DK builds in "default" mode but the code stalled when it ran on my board... I'll double check that last point to make sure I'm not being dumb, but compiling for the BOOT option definitely doesn't work.

Another thing, see my other question on the mbed-dev repo not working anymore with the recent compiler update: https://developer.mbed.org/questions/71473/Cannot-find-deviceh-using-mbed-dev-libra/

You don't know when a newer/updated version of mbed-dev will be released do you?

posted by CJ Shaw 29 Jul 2016

Some missing detail: Include the I2C.h library in your example program, create an I2C object on some pins I2C i2c(p3,p4); And now it doesn't find the file when compiling for nRF51-DK (BOOT)

posted by CJ Shaw 29 Jul 2016

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3 years, 10 months ago.

There still seems to be a problem when using the pre-built library and boot or fota but you should be able to use these with mbed-dev.