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Connected Devices


I'm trying to run the mbed_client_example_6lowpan example, but I'm unable to see connected devices on the web site at https://connector.mbed.com/#endpoints.

I have followed the "Getting started with mesh networking" documentation.

- dowload the gatewayThreadDynamic.bin file on the 6loWPAN gateway router. - generate a security.h file (https://connector.mbed.com/#credentials), - update the config.json file - build and download a binary file for the client

These are the debug messages displayed on the 6loWPAN gateway router:

P.Init Starting NanoRouter in autonomous mode, extension=2 [DBG ][core]: NS Root task Init [DBG ][sck ]: Socket Tasklet Generated [DBG ][mle ]: MLE Tasklet Generated [DBG ][board]: Setting up TX power to be 0x0F+Amp = +4.1 dBm [INFO][EP ]: endpoint_tasklet(): init [DBG ][sck ]: Socket id 0 allocated [DBG ][sck ]: Socket id 1 allocated [DBG ][ip6s]: IPV6 interface Base Ready [DBG ][rout]: Added route: [DBG ][rout]: fe80::/64 if:1 src:'Static' id:0 lifetime:infinite [DBG ][rout]: On-link (met 128) Ipv6 bootsrap started [INFO][addr]: Tentative Address added to IF 1: fe80::fec2:3dff:fe05:39f1 [DBG ][addr]: LL64 Register OK! [INFO][addr]: DAD passed on IF 1: fe80::fec2:3dff:fe05:39f1 [DBG ][ip6s]: Interface ID: 1, ipv6: fe80::fec2:3dff:fe05:39f1 [DBG ][ip6s]: DAD OK [DBG ][ip6s]: Push RS to IPV6 [DBG ][ip6s]: Push RS to IPV6 [DBG ][ip6s]: Push RS to IPV6 [DBG ][ip6s]: Push RS to IPV6 Destination Cache: _______________

These are the debug messages displayed on the 6loWPAN client:

Start mbed-client-example-6lowpan [DBG ][m6La]: init() [DBG ][m6La]: connect() [DBG ][m6Thread]: PANID defa [DBG ][m6Thread]: channel: 12 [DBG ][m6Thread]: channel page: 0 [DBG ][m6Thread]: channel mask: 134215680 [DBG ][m6Thread]: Mesh prefix: fd:00:0d:b8:00:00:00:00 [DBG ][m6Thread]: Master key: 00:11:22:33:44:55:66:77:88:99:aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff [DBG ][m6Thread]: PSKc: 00:11:22:33:44:55:66:77:88:99:aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff [DBG ][m6Thread]: PSKd: Secret password [INFO][m6Thread]: Start Thread bootstrap (SED mode)

i'm a newbie here, so any help, idea is welcome.

BR Nadine,

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