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Mbed on LandTiger?

Is there existing mbed support for the LandTiger board. What exactly needs to be changed to run mbed code? Is there an LCD library specifically for this board?

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Besides the differences that are mentioned on the landtiger notebook page it shouldnt matter much. I have for example used this one: http://www.hotmcu.com/lpc1768minidk2-development-board-28-tft-lcd-p-12.html, and the specific code for that one is mainly a few defines so you can easily blink one of its LEDs for example and dont have to find which pins are used for the SD card.

There is some library for the TFT, dunno if it works correctly and all that.

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Hi Peter,

mbed code should work without many problems. I have tested the ethernet libs, USB host and device, serial, CAN, analog-in and out etc. You may have to change some pinnumbers or place/remove some jumpers. The manual that I have compiled gives you the technical details on pinnumbers etc. There is also a table showing differences between mbed and Landtiger pin use. Obviously, there are some differences: there is no local filesystem (use the SD card instead), there is no interface chip (provide your own MAC address to the ethernetlib as shown in the manual). You also need to use flashmagic or J-Link to flash code into the LPC1768 since the mbed drag-drop is not supported. I have modified the originally supplied LCD lib for mbed, but it is messy and I have not published it sofar. There is a better lib for the SSD1289 on the mbed site, but it needs to be adapted for the Landtiger (8 to 16 bit multiplexer) which I have not done yet.

Hello and thank you for your contributions. What changes exactly did you do to get USB serial to work? I can use analog in and other modules, but i cant figure out USB. Thanks

posted by bob unclenot 31 Oct 2014

I suppose by ''USB serial'' you mean use of the Landtiger as a USB device in virtual serial port mode. This requires that you set some jumpers to select the USB device mode and then install the lpc1768 virtual com port driver on your host PC. See my landtiger manual on http://developer.mbed.org/users/wim/notebook/landtiger-baseboard/ for the jumper settings. See http://developer.mbed.org/handbook/USBSerial for the code and driver info.

posted by Wim Huiskamp 02 Nov 2014