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Page Error when posting comments to a question

This is a strange error where submitting a comment fails the first time but not always the second time. Is anyone else seeing this?

I have the following question as an example: http://developer.mbed.org/questions/6974/How-to-write-a-Hard-Fault-Handler/

When I post a comment under the response from Martin Kojtal then I get a "Page Error".

This is the strange part; if I first post a comment under my question and submit it, then I post a comment under Martin's response then my comment is saved with no "Page Error".

My number of page errors went down after disabling beta mode, do you happen to have that enabled?

posted by Erik - 07 Apr 2015

Can you report this in Bugs in the forum section? Thanks

Erik, disabling beta page-error decreased? whoa

posted by Martin Kojtal 08 Apr 2015

Not sure where to disable beta mode?

posted by -deleted- 08 Apr 2015

This is still happening, but I noticed that the Page Error occurs for the first time submitting but not the second time submitting a comment. If I use ? for the first comment then no page error.

posted by -deleted- 09 Apr 2015
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