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ADC_DIFF library does not work with the current mbed library

The ADC_DIFF library does not work with the current mbed library (build 120 and above). I have an error in the compiler: "Cannot open source input file "fsl_adc_hal.h": No such file or directory in "AnalogIn_Diff/AnalogIn_Diff.h"" Maybe someone knows what needs to be changed at the library?

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Hi Ole,

Any feedback on this topics, I'm experiencing the same problem. And the library and program seems to point to the same source code that in both case cannot be compiled. According to this thread https://developer.mbed.org/questions/72886/How-can-I-include-the-fsl_adc_halh-with-/, the library is out of date, is there a newer version available? Or, can I downgrade to the mbed version with which I could use the library? It was easy to make the leds blink but I'm having a hard time findings a source code example to use ADC0_DP1, ADC0_DM, ADC1_DP1 and ADC1_DM1 for the FRDM-K64F board...



Hi Sylvian,

You can easily downgrade. The ADC_DIFF library works fine with mbed library Rev 119.

posted by Ole Maan 08 Aug 2016

I successfully built the program using Rev 119, thanks.

posted by Sylvain Lizotte 09 Aug 2016