7 years, 2 months ago.

Why is there a difference in the code written using mbed online compiler and offline using yotta ?

/media/uploads/anujd9/error.png Hello everyone. I have installed yotta on my PC and built the first program "blinky". Here, when I write the code, I have to use "#include "mbed-driverd/mbed.h" ". I know that now we have to use that for offline compilation of code. The code using this is compiled easily and ".bin" file works good on the bard as well. But if I need to take this same code to work on the online compiler, this code shows errors. If I write the code that works on the online compiler, it compiles and works fine on the board as well, but then that code if compiled using the offline mode using yotta gives errors as shown in the image. Can anyone help me understand why this happens ??


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