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Using MAX21100 IMU sensor with mbed


I want to use the MAX21100 IMU with the mbed via a SPI connection. I can read the whoami register and get a correct answer (0xB2). But when I try to read the acceleration registers I don't get the correct values. Has anyone successfully connected the mbed to the MAX21100 and is willing to share the code? Thank you.


I'm exactly at the same point, but using the I2C interface. I get the B2, but not the rest. The status register is always zero. When I configure the POWER_CFG register, if I leave the power bits as power down I still get the B2 in the whoami, but if I select normal power I start getting 0 in the whoami, and strange readings (always the same numbers) in the accel values. I have no idea what is going. I've tried an arduino library with and arduino due and it is working, and it sets up exactly the same registers with the same values.

posted by David Rojas 09 Apr 2015
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