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Protecting a memory zone in uVisor

Hi, I started with the uVisor hello world example project. I am trying to protect a memory area in RAM in a box by modifying the ACL of the box like:

static const UvisorBoxAclItem acl_list_name[] = {{(void *)0x2002FC00,	0x100,   UVISOR_TACLDEF_PERIPH}}. 

The linkerscript file was modified such that the uvisor_ram_end stops at 0x2002FC00. If I build and program the file into the target (FRDM-k64f) then the program (after flashing) will not start, the red led blinks fast which means that it resets constantly. Somebody knows how to realise this? Thanks.

Investigating this a little bit further, I noticed that if the address is 0x40000000 or above (this is where the peripherals are located) then the program starts running as expected. However, an address below this 0x3FFFFFFF or lower causes that the program will not run but resets constantly. Anybody who can declare this?

posted by Jan P 04 Jul 2016
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