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Using UART between pc and NUCLEOL0R8


I tried to use UART_TwoBoards_ComPolling example in stm32Cube. I know that this example is for communicating between two controller but i connected one controller's Tx and Rx pins to the ftdi chip that connected to pc with usb to observe what controller is sending. However,when i press the user botton on the board, pc seems like doesnt receive anything, tx and rx leds on ftdi also dont light up. I attached the code that i used.



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3 years, 6 months ago.

I recommend that you use the Serial class from the mbed lib rather than the STM HAL libs.

Make sure you use an ftdi device for 3V3 rather than a 5V version. Make sure you have installed the ftdi driver on your PC and check that the USB serial com port shows up in your PCs device config list. Make sure you connect TX, RX and GND between the ftdi and the nucleo. TX on one side usually should be connected to RX on the other end. Dont use the D0 and D1 serial port pins on the nucleo as these are used for the debug serial port with the host PC.