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Nordic DFU - No services discoverable with S130


With old libraries (targeting S110) I was able to discover and connect to DFU service. After updating libraries (targeting S130), no services are discoverable. My application instantiates a DFUService object as before.


I've been developing and maintaining an mbed application for NRF51822 for over a year, and have been tied to older versions of the mbed libraries. After pulling the latest libraries, no services, particularly the DFU service are discovered.

My original application ran well using both nRF51822 and nRF51822/FOTA targets with SoftDevice 7.0.0 and 7.1.0 (using the ble_default_bootloader_app.hex to install an initial DFU-capable bootloader)

The application advertises as GapAdvertisingParams::ADV_CONNECTABLE_UNDIRECTED.

I have pulled the latest versions of

  • BLE_API/
  • mbed_src/
  • nRF51822/

I have re-initialized my board with

  • the same ble_default_bootloader_app.hex and ALTERNATELY (during different tests):
  • s130_nRF51_1.0.0_bootloader.hex

The application runs and broadcasts advertisements well, but does not expose any of the services I expect:

  • 0x1800
  • 0x1801
  • 0x00001530-1212-EFDE-1523-785FEABCD123 (Nordic FOTA Update Service)

I have scanned for these services via the Nordic Master Control Panel app and my custom BLE applications.

I'd be eager to provide any additional information. All help is appreciated.

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