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MCP4725 on 411

Can you please assist. I imported the program in mbed on line ( classic) then cut and past the code in my software. When compiling the system can not get the #include "mcp4725.h" file.

Pls note it is my "first" import and compile. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks

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It sounds like you are trying to use the library without having it present. If you are taking the code to a different IDE you will need to also copy across the libraries as well.

Thans for the response. I use mbed and when I import everything is blank

posted by Erastus Coetzee 17 Jun 2016

yup, looks like his example didnt actually include the library it was referencing... kind of weird. Go ahead and import this library into your project and it should work? https://developer.mbed.org/users/donalm/code/MCP4725/

Best of luck!


PS: if you keep having trouble with the code you could try reaching out to the author directy via a direct message and asking for assistance.

posted by Austin Blackstone 17 Jun 2016