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FRDM-K64F USB device doesn't work since mbed libarary rev. 120

FRDM-K64F USB device doesn't work with latest mbed library. I confirmed it with "frdm_USB-HID-Mouse_auto" program with FRDM-K64F in "https://developer.mbed.org/teams/FRDM-K64F-Code-Share/code/frdm_USB-HID-Mouse_auto/" It looks failed negotiation with host PC (My Windows 10 PC with USB 3.0 port).

It works with mbed library before rev.119 but doesn't work with more than it. It works with mbed-dev before library rev.120 but doesn't work with more than rev.122, and fails compile with rev.121 and 122.

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4 years, 10 months ago.

We already got revision 122? It isn't just USB, revision 120 broke half the peripherals, revision 121 broke compilation alltogether. And apparantly still in revision 122.

If you want you can make a bug report on the mbed github, however in general, just stick to revision 119 until they fix it.

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Thank you Eric,

I also tried rev.122 and doesn't work, as you mentioned. I'll use rev.119.

posted by Nakatafu ☆ 04 Jun 2016

Please takafuminaka report it on github

posted by Martin Kojtal 06 Jun 2016