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How to control / determine Join retry settings

I'm trying to reconcile what I am witnessing in the operation of my mDot, and the various methods for dealing with Join retries.

I use a function: setJoinRetries(3); that claims to set the number of retries before "giving up". I don't really know what "giving up" means...

However, when I call while ((ret = dot->joinNetwork()) != mDot::MDOT_OK) { logError("failed to join network [%d][%s]", ret, mDot::getReturnCodeString(ret).c_str()); wait_ms(100);

the function never returns. I see Join attempt #1 in the debug output but no further attempts.

Should the joinNetwork function try 3 (my setting above) times before returning an error? Why is it never returning?

Turns out the libraries are buggy. I reverted back a few revs and the problem disappeared.

posted by Mike G 31 May 2016
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