3 years ago.

How set BLE_Nano nRF51 to central role

Hello I'm new in mbed nRF51 SDK_11 In my tutorial I want to set a RedBearLab BLE_Nano nRF51 like Central. I read the references in ""

As compiler I am using Developer MBED org, "" classic method.

I set the compiler for RedBearLab BLE_Nano I created a new project name: BLE_Nano_Central_hrs_c_01

the project is not yet complete, but I'm importing the files needed for operation. Now there is an error in boards.h nRF51_SDK / example / bsp / boards.s line 44 in practice it does not recognize the BLE_Nano, or custom_board.h should I set my card?

where did I go wrong ? can you help me

Thank you

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