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External interrupts and documentation

Hi All

I need some advice on where to look for details in MBED in regards to Interrupts Your help is appreciated

I am new to MBED and the NUCLEO STM32L053

InterruptIN docs are somewhat lacking on detail I understand what the STM is capable of, but not what MBED is doing or what my other options are I am sure there are 5 ways to do this, am trying to find info that will allow me to choose the best path and learn the development food chain here

I am not used to all of the extra stuff MBED does to make my life easier! I am willing to take the overhead hit, and have enough design margin to do it, but I don't have detail of what is going on behind the scenes (try it and see if it works for interrupts is not something I do)

I am somewhat old school, and do not see a lot of detailed docs here A pointer to the underlying code for interrupts, and a way to access them would be appreciated Docs are always good

I need to make an architecture decision, and begin development

For reference: The application I am developing is a mini logic analyzer

16 pins digital input that trigger an interrupt on any change 32 seconds maximum recording, 1mS accuracy, internal timer, internal ram (4KB)

Architecture I would like all 16 pins to share the same ISR ISR on any change would scan all the pin states, then record new pinstates to RAM with a timestamp or On a 1mS timer, poll the pins and write to ram if it changes

I can record each change in 32 bits of ram (16 data / 16 timestamp)

I have read all of the stuff on the site for interrupts, and see some limitations: and a lot of problems people have I can either stay with MBED or go to the other development paths (Which I know little about) I can go timer polled, or individual interrupts I simply don't have enough details to make a decision, where to find them Some experienced words would be good here, please

And what exactly is a cube?

Thanks, Jeff

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