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BusOut instead of PortName ?

UPDATE: I was somehow able to modify this so you can use BusInOut instead of PortName :D I added a new protocol named BUS8 not to mess with much of the code.

Do you accept pull requests? And if so how do I make one ? Write a FastBusInOut based on Erik Olieman's FastIO ? :D

It is very slow, any ideea on how to speed it up ?

System Core Clock = 100.000 MHZ
Display ID: 00009325
  Display Test
cls: 488.977ms
plot: 101.535ms
bmp: 27.856ms
Big Font: 69.856ms
std: 1861.081ms fastw: 1331.540ms
Bmp speed: 490.287ms

Original question: It would be nice if you could use BusOut or something similar instead of PortName so you can use actual shields that fit in the arduino headers for the Nucleo F411.

Like this:

BusOut dataBus( PA_9, PC_7, PA_10, PB_3, PB_5, PB_4, PB_10, PA_8 );
ILI932x myLCD(PAR_8, &dataBus, A3, A4, A2, A1, A0, "myLCD");

An example would be http://www.aitendo.com/product/10342 http://aitendo3.sakura.ne.jp/aitendo_data/product_img/lcd/arduino/UL024TF/UL024TF-468-pinout.png

Question relating to:

Basically i glued Peter Drescher and Simon Ford libs in a GraphicsDisplay class, then derived TFT or LCD class (which inherits Protocols class), then the most derived ones (Inits), which … ILI9320, ILI9325, ILI9328, ILI9341, ILI9481, ILI9486, IST3020, LCD, MIPI, parallel, SPI, SSD1306, ST7565, TFT, UC1608, UC1701

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Ops, i added bus8 and bus16 in the meanwhile, i read your update just now

PinName buspins[8]={D8,D9,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7};
ILI932x myLCD(BUS_8, buspins, A3, A4, A2, A1, A0,"myLCD"); // Parallel Bus 8bit, buspins array, CS, reset, RS, WR, RD

yes it's very slow, consider each pin is handled as DigitalInOut, it's slower than spi on the slowest cpu.

About how to speedup, using lowlevel api would help, you can add a tweaked protocol if you like. Pullrequests are welcome :)

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Great ! :) Btw, what tool are you using to convert bitmaps, from the 3 or 4 I've googled I only get crap on screen.

posted by Radu Radoveneanu 31 Mar 2015

Image2Lcd 2.9 (3.2 semihangs on start), it was commercial sw, now the author released a free license key. Open a bmp or jpeg (better to not let this sw resize images), horiz scan, bottom to top, save as .C source, job done.

posted by Geremia G 31 Mar 2015