4 years, 5 months ago.

RTOS Issue


I updated my mbed-rtos library and now my code breaks with the following error at multiple locations in Thread.cpp:

Class "os_thread_def" has no member "tcb" *

I downloaded the rtos_mail example from the handbook and got the same errors.

Has anyone else seen and/or solved this issue?


Hi Tom, Just noticed this today myself as a fix change the revision of rtos to version 111 there has been two updates in the past 24Hours v112 and v113 that appear to break with same fault, hope this helps for now untill MBED can fix, Regards

posted by Martin Simpson 06 May 2016

We will !

posted by Martin Kojtal 06 May 2016

1 Answer

4 years, 5 months ago.

Under the Compile tab, click Compile Macros and add __CMSIS_RTOS and __MBED_CMSIS_RTOS_CM. The latest revision has an updated version of the RTX kernel, and the online compiler hasn't been updated to include the new build macros yet.

Accepted Answer

Thanks for the help!

posted by Tom Doyle 06 May 2016

Thanks neil for helping. It has not been yet updated, I am going to fix the sources

posted by Martin Kojtal 06 May 2016

It should be fixed now !

posted by Martin Kojtal 06 May 2016