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NRF51822 and Lumia 640

As the title says, has anyone made this combination work? Or any other WM10 phone with the NRF51822? If yes, how did you get it to work?

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Erik -
5 years, 2 months ago.

I should have searched better, thanks to Kevin's solution: https://developer.mbed.org/questions/52373/Pairing-with-windows-phone-Nokia-635/

Then the problem was figuring out how to enable security, and still no idea how to do that exactly. However by just trying this example program (don't you just love example programs by other users :D): https://developer.mbed.org/users/sunsmile2015/code/BLE_HeartRate_AddSec/rev/2d9d4b271af8, I could directly get it working on my Lumia 640. It just needs a bit more security than for those Android scrubs ;).

While I know WM10 is a small market compared to Android/iOS, still it might make sense to at least add the option of security in the examples. Not in the least because it makes sense to have it enabled.

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