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ADC in differential-mode

hi! is it possible to set the ADC in differential- mode to measure without reference to GND?

thx Frank

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The Freedom-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs.

Hi Franck

I confirm that the two ADC controllers of the target MCU Kinetis K64F of the FRDM-K64F can be used in differential-mode.

On the mbed product page for the FRDM-K64F, I have published a table called "K64F/FRDM-K64F pin-multiplexing".

Have a look to the second tab "Header Mux Signal" and select in the A/D column the signals named ADCx_DMx or ADCx_DPx to identify the ADC ports available in differential-mode.

You should be able to use following signals, which means 3x pairs of channels for 2x different ADCs controllers (for simultaneous capture):
- ADC0_DM0 and ADC0_DP0
- ADC0_DM1 and ADC0_DP1
- ADC0_DM3 and ADC0_DP3
- ADC1_DM0 and ADC1_DP0
- ADC1_DM1 and ADC1_DP1
- ADC1_DM3 and ADC1_DP3

Those signals are located in the inner row of the Headers (not Arduino standard). You will be able to identify them physically thanks to the fourth tab "Header Signal" of my excel table.

Please let us know if you have additional question. Greg

posted by Greg C 10 May 2016

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It is possible yes, a google directly gives: https://developer.mbed.org/components/ADC-DIFF-K64F/

Otherwise check the K64F reference manual. Also as soon as the question is from the first page it generally isn't seen by people anymore. (And considering you haven't answered a single question yourself I don't really know if you are in a position to complain to others).

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