3 years, 11 months ago.

Epaper freezes !?

Hi, i am using a 2.7 inch E-paper display from Embedded Artists with a nucleo board (nucleo-l073rz). I can update the screen 5-6 times but after it freezes. I use the latest version of EM027BS013 library. I declare a variable static unsigned char image[5808] and i change this variable to display a image (which is a qrcode). And i use the function drawImage((uint8_t*)&image) to display.

Do you have any idea why it stop working after a while ?

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3 years, 11 months ago.

Try using drawImage((uint8_t*)image) (drop the &) An array name without an index is already a pointer so there is no need to use & to get the address.

Thanks, but it does not seems to be the problem.Although I think it's a memory problem.

posted by Yohann Rioual 19 Apr 2016