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Is it possible, smartphone app can listen BLE service data without connecting to BLE

Hi, I have following questions. It will be great if some one could clear. 1. I am able to create custom service in BLE. Thanks to mbed documentation. I would like to send data with out connecting to any app. I mean, I just want to broad cast the data and phone app can read the data and interpret it into useful information. Is it possible? 2. I tried ADV_NON_CONNECTABLE_UNDIRECTED in advertising parameters. Nordic master control app was able to detect the BLE device but, not able to show the service data. Is there any app to see the data coming from custom service?

I don't know much about smartphone apps.

Thanks in advance, Naveen


BLE has two modes it can opperate in, GAP and GATT. Using GAP you can broadcast data and anyone nearby can listen and view without connecting. That said the GAP payloads are limited to 20Bytes, and you have no guarantee that anyone out there heard the data. GATT on the other hand can provide data of up to 512Bytes per characteristic, but you must connect.

For more information see the developer.mbed.org/ble team for examples on how to use GAP and GATT. You may find the Beacon examples particularly useful.


posted by Austin Blackstone 15 Apr 2016

Thanks Austin. I got it.


posted by Naveen Kumar B 16 Apr 2016

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Hello Naveen,
Smartphones equipped with BLE are capable to receive and interpret custom data broadcasted over BLE without connecting to the device. For example, have a look at the BLE_nRF24L01 project. An Android app along with source code is attached.

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Thanks Zoltan.

posted by Naveen Kumar B 15 Apr 2016