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How to chose the mbed module and the development platform.


I am trying to design a pcb that receives a digital signal ,demodulates it and save the informations in memory. The pcb should also provide a bluetooth module that will transmitt everything that is stored in memory whenever it gets a connection request.

I have no clue on how to use mbed, but I think it can do the job for me. Currently I am using a standard bluetooth module (RN42) but it only allows me to send data as soon as it is received. The problem in this, is that I will lose all the data received in the absence of the client (a smartphone). I am thinking to use an mbed bluetooth module because I saw that it comes with a development platform witch allows me to write some code in order to save the data in memory.

Can someone give me some hints on how to start, how to chose the bluetooth module and development platform?

Thank you. Emna

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