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Pin PA_5 (D13) AnalogOut

Dear all,

I'm using NUCLEO-F303RE and I have problem with AnalogOut pin PA_5 (D13) the output voltage is in range 0-1.8V (for 0-50% I get 0-1.6V, and for 50-100% 1.6V - 1.8V) shouldn't it be 0-3.3V linear like another AnalogOut pin PA_4 (A2).

If there is no help, does anyone know some other MCU that has at least 2 analogOutputs with voltange range 0-3.3V.

Best regards, Dominik

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6 years, 7 months ago.

The AnalogOut pin PA_5 is connected to GREEN LED(LD2) at the default state. Therefore DAC can't output the voltage over 1.8v around. You should remove JUMPER RESISTOR mounted on SB21. Then the right voltage would be output.

Best regards, Wdn