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mbed project on Keil uVision5 has compile error

Hello everyone.

I want to ask how to solve the compile error I currently have.

I am using HRM1017 which has nRF51822 & BLE applications. The firmware of the project based on the sample "BLE_HTM_HRM1017" works fine when I compile it with online compiler. But I would like to use the Keil uVision5 for offline debugging.

So I exported the project setting these params like this. Target: mbed HRM1017 Export Toolchain: Keil uVision4 Then I downloaded & opened the project file, migrated the exported project file to keil uVision5. I set the target device as nRF51822AA which is in my mbed board.

I have got the compile error when I compiled the files. Attached is the result of compile errors. It does not seem to be recognized as cpp files?

I have no idea to deal with this problem. I want to ask you to help me solve the problem.


PS This is my first case to face to the problem of keil compiler. When I did offline debugging with other boards, like mbed 11u24 etc, I had no problem in the same way.

Thank you in advance Marchall

1 Answer

3 years, 11 months ago.


This issue is now fixed.

If you update the project with the latest version of the mbed library and the latest ble library then the problem should be fixed.