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F091RC Hanging

Great job on this library, but it seems to hang when receiving messages for the F091RC. I have a setup where there is a F103RB and F091RC. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Controller Area Network library for NUCLEO boards equipped with CAN peripheral. CAN, can bus, CAN Nucleo, canbus, CANbus Nucleo, Controller Area Network, Nucleo

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Hi Edwin,
Unfortunately I do not have access to NUCLEO-F091RC boards but maybe we can make it work together. Are you trying to run the https://developer.mbed.org/users/hudakz/code/CANnucleo_Hello demo? If not, then I recommend to start with that first. Program the F091RC as board #1 and the F103RB as board #2. Once you have done with the whole setup (see the schematics on the demo home page), connect the F091RC over a USB cable to your PC in order to receive debug messages. Then reset the F091RC board and check whether you can see a "CAN message sent" message in your PC's serial terminal window. If yes, then connect the F103RB to your PC for debugging, reset the F091RC and check again the debug messages on your PC. Please let me know how this worked for you.

Accepted Answer

Hi Zoltan, I tested it with your setup described in the demo. the F091RC was able to send its message and the F103RB got it, but when it responds F091RC never gets the message. I tried the other way around where F103RB was the master, but F091RC never got the message. Thank you Edwin

posted by Edwin Cho 07 Mar 2016

Hi Edwin,
Seems that the receive interrupt for F0xx chips was incorrect in the CANnucleo library. This had been already reported and solved by Paul Paterson :-) Unfortunately I did not pay proper attention that time :-( This time I've corrected the library as suggested by him. So updating the CANnucleo library in your project to the latest revision should fix the issue. Please let me know how it works. Thanks,

posted by Zoltan Hudak 08 Mar 2016

Hi Zoltan, Thank you it seems to work now! Edwin

posted by Edwin Cho 10 Mar 2016