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Connecting the conductivity probe to the microcontroller

Hi All,

I'm new to programming in C++. I'm trying this Atlas Scientific Conductivity Probe as my first project, and am having some trouble understanding this part of the example code,

Atlas_Sensor *ppm = new Atlas_Sensor(new Serial(p28, p29), new AnalogIn(p20));

I currently have the TX/SDA wired to D14(PB_9) and RX/SCL wired to D15(PB_8), so I changed the code to

Atlas_Sensor *ppm = new Atlas_Sensor(new Serial(PB_9, PB_8), new AnalogIn(p20));

but I'm not sure where to wire the AnalogIn....

From my limited understanding, the probe only needs two wires to operate - RX & TX, so the AnalogIn is throwing me off..or maybe it's the serial communication that's throwing me off...any ideas?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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