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The camera image display in mycame

Please tell me. capturecycle () We want to display the image from the camera. TFT LCD screen is the grain. Constitution ov7670 without FIFO + NUCLEO-F411RE + TFT ILI9341 [Caution] I do not understand English. It has been translated by Google.

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Hello, to display image on TFT you need to apply changes in the main.cpp file:

1) to uncomment this part: //////////// to view camera


while (1) { capturecycle("/sd/picture.txt"); } }

2) and to comment

//////////// to recognise a target from bmp and target on sd /* epatternmatch("/sd/manchodou.bmp","/sd/manchodou.txt"); while (1) { viewf(); searchp(filename); } }

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explanation: my_button.fall(&pressed); is used to declare usage of button: here it is used to capture image and store on SD card from TFT capturecycle("/sd/picture.txt"); run the capture of image from OV7670 in loop and store image in "/sd/picture.txt" when button is pressed.

otherwise just run in loop:

OV7670.CaptureNext() ; TFT.Bitmap(0,0,160,120,bank);

to capture image and display it