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Starting with mbed OS or classic?

Hello everyone,

I have a nordic nRF51 dongle that I started to play with. I want to implement a simple application that will listen to some BLE services and will trigger actions based on the attributes content (ie: turn on a LED connected to a GPIO). I am very familiar with Arduino but the toolchains to develop on Nordic are "slightly" more complex :) I was able to install the GNU ARM toolchain and integrate it in Eclipse but even though I am able to compile the SDK examples and do some minor modifications, the code is still unclear to me.

So I thought I would give mbed a try but I have a few questions: - Is mbed power-optimized for BLE? - I have noticed there is a BLE API & a Nordic nRF51822 API. I suppose the Nordic one is an additional abstraction layer on top of BLE API and it matches more or less the Nordic SDK? - Should I start straight away with mbed OS or will I lack API functionalities? - Finally is the mbed code easier to catch compared to the SDK?

Thanks, Aurelien

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